“Fantastic! I love to see these principles taught in a fun way to kids. I will definitely share this book with my children, and strongly recommend that if you want to give your kids a tremendous advantage for reaching their highest potential, you’ll do the same.” what are you thinking book

Garrett B. Gunderson, Entrepreneur and New York Times best selling author of Killing Sacred Cows

“At the earliest age our children need to be introduced to the idea that their thoughts are powerful. They need to be taught how to become more aware of how their thinking affects every aspect of their lives.  Our children are not taught how to do this.  I applaud this simple but powerful book for introducing this critical concept at the earliest of ages.” what are you thinking book

– Gordon S. Bruin, M.A., L.P.C., American Board Certified, President, Innergold Counseling Services Inc.

“What a timely book! Today more than ever our children need to understand they can accomplish great things. This book not only teaches the power that resides in each of us, but also reminds us of the effects of our attitude. Every family would benefit from having this book in their home.”

– Lisa Bearnson, Entrepreneur and Founder of Creating Keepsakes w

are you thinking book

6 Responses to “Feedback”

  • Dan:

    The book arrived the other day. We were excited to set it aside for our bedtime story and the kids absolutely loved it. It gave us quite a few things to discuss as a family on each page. Camden asked the next day, unprovoked, to read it again, it’s a good message for him and he’s picking up on it. What an impressive accomplishment.

    -Dan Robertson

  • I am so excited that you do this! Good for you!! I have a dream, a desire to one day soon purchase 1 million of your books and place several copies in school libraries. Especially those in the poor-er areas of our nation. I would love to have each child in those poor-er areas have a personal copy. And I would love to provide a reading helper in those areas to assist in the literacy programs across the nation…and provide this book as one of the first to be read! My words to God’s ears!! Thanks for providing this opportunity. Karen Schroeder

  • Claire Markwood:

    This is a book for children of all ages! If teenagers feel it is ‘too adolescent’ they will love it when they mature. What a simple, revealing and profound message given with such fun characters and characteristics. I’m an older lady, and I love the message.

  • Bob:

    We bought a case and they were distributed to training managers who had traveled from several countries to attend a training seminar at our company. They were impressed on several levels: One, to see that a children’s book would be so appropriate with regard to the subject of one class taught. And two, they were thrilled to take a book home to their family without stopping for an ‘airport’ gift. A great little story book.

  • Sam:

    A great book, a revealing message for any age. Colors, Characters and text are superior!

  • Linda:

    Thank you so much for the book! I love that you packaged it so beautifully and snug in its damp proof protections. The principles taught are what I believe in. My grandkids read it and fight for it all the time. The little one loves finding the jack rabbit and says it is his book. The eldest one (11yrs) is teaching his younger brother (9) to change his thoughts. So they are having fun saying: “that’s a YECH thought”. Thanks again. Your illustrations are brilliant as well. Looking forward to any other books you write.