Power of Thought Assemblies

Valerie’s “Power of Thought” Assemblies are requested for grades k-12. The activities and stories in her presentations are modified for the attention span of each audience. She introduces students to the idea that “thoughts are things”. Inspiring stories and interesting visuals are used to teach children and teens about the role of the subconscious mind. Objectives of each presentation include encouraging students to be aware of their thoughts and inspiring them to look for ways to be a hero. Her presentations have been requested to kick off Peace Building weeks, Read-a-thons, Literacy Nights, Red Ribbon weeks, Career Days, and more. For more information, send an email through the “Contact Us” page.


“We are so happy with how our assembly turned out. We immediately had many of the teachers and also the Principal comment on how good it was. One teacher said, “Finally an assembly worth coming to.” They loved it! Everything you said fit right in with our theme and the kids are so excited not only about reading but positive thoughts. Your book has such a great positive message. One that I think our kids need to hear. I heard a few of the kids saying “thoughts are things” as they skipped back to class. Awesome! Thank you so much for adding so much to our week of reading. We would love to have you back in the future.”

M. Eckstrom, Cottonwood Elementary PTA

“Our elementary school hosted two assemblies with Valerie Ackley this fall. We had great feedback from the teachers about the content! They said the students really understood and communicated the lesson of choosing which “hat” to wear each day. The students also loved the information about thoughts being energy and the idea that they can control the “energy in their brain!”
Valerie is a wonderful and empathetic speaker. You can tell she truly enjoys the children and education.”

S. Hansen, Knowlton Elementary PTA President

“I met Valerie Ackley while attending a Counseling Summer Conference in Heber City.  I can’t really explain why I ended up in her session.  I know that the words “positive thinking” have always attracted me and I know, left unchecked, my mind has a tendency to reflect on the negative.  When I entered the classroom I immediately knew that I had made the right choice.  Valerie had gizmos and doo-hickie’s to perk even my Technology Focused mind.  Valerie didn’t let me down.  She combined entertainment and learning so effortlessly that without even knowing it I was understanding some psychologically advanced theories in very simple terms that made sense. While listening to Valerie’s message I felt empowered to change the very core of who I thought I was.  I laughed….I even cried a little (don’t tell anyone), it was by far for me the highlight of the conference.  During lunch, Valerie’s session was the only one we (WCSD Counselors) talked about.  We all felt that this was something that all our students needed to know.  We wanted our students to know that running from problems doesn’t always work, that there are some jerks out there that administration aren’t going to catch, and ultimately the only change they really have total control over is the one that happens in their own mind.

Valerie didn’t let us down.  I was there for all 8 presentations she did at our school and the students were at the edge of their seat, just as we were when we heard the session in Heber.  They laughed, some cried, you could hear audible ah-ha moments throughout the theater, and they got it.  You have a choice on what you focus on and what you focus on is what you see.

Probably the best thing that came out of having Valerie come down and talk to our school about the power of positive thinking is it gives me a tangible reference point that I have referred back to time and time again when working with students as they come into office faced with some very big daunting problems.  We revisit those concepts Valerie taught and build upon them to help the whole student and school culture of SCMS.  I am happy and grateful that for whatever reason I had the chance to meet Valerie and be part of bringing this message to so many students because I believe that it addresses the core issues we all face in humanity of living a life of happiness or one of misery.”

Ryan Stephens, Snow Canyon Middle School Counselor

“To those counselors or administrators who wonder if this topic will go over with their middle schools,  -with great enthusiasm- YES, YES, YES. This topic is good for all of us.  I had some of the staff members who saw it and said they wanted to bring their spouses in, but time ran out.  I have only heard positive comments and sharing from students. Many are in tears and thankful for hearing what they heard.  This is a message of personal empowerment.  This message is what counselors try to help all students see all day long.  If students could realize that they have the power within them to design their life, not tolerate abuse and reach out to help someone who may need them, what a better world we would have.

Much of what we do as counselors cannot be measured, but I choose to believe that putting these positive messages into students’ minds in a school or same peer setting, has an impact for good.  I also like to believe that these things last longer than we may ever know.
Keep up the good work, Valerie.  We were lucky to have you come.  Thank you!!”
Rene Sorenson, Pine View Middle School Counselor

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